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MBS-2M BDU in PenCott-Badlands from SPECOPS-POLAND

MBS-2M BDU in PenCott-Badlands from SPECOPS-POLAND:
Developed for an unnamed European military mountain unit, the MBS-2M (M is for “Mountain”) is a slightly modified version of the standard SPECOPS MBS-2 BDU.

The MBS-2M includes the following unique features:
-a built-in set of suspenders
-Velcro block-out panels
-Cordura reinforced knees and elbows
-a higher back-line
-Cordura reinforced lower calf with water-proof zipper
-internal wallet pouch

Contact Marcin (“Martin”) Chrzanowski at SPECOPS-POLAND for further information:  marcin.chrzanowski@specops.pl

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