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KWA update from Shot Show 2013 on Airsoft Odyssey

KWA update from Shot Show 2013 on Airsoft Odyssey:
Yosser has some more information on KWA from SHOT Show:
So what happened to all the KRISS VECTORS from KWA?
What’s the future plans for the Vector and will we see them again in the UK?
With the intel direct from KWA via the LV Shot Show from Mad Badger Airsoft http://www.madbadgerairsoft.com/ if you see a Vector better snap it up!
All the Intel here: http://www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/kwa-shot-show-2013-update.html
NOT to be missed – plus a sneek peek at the forthcoming KWA Sphinx gbb pistol!
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