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KWA Discontinues H&K Line-up

KWA Discontinues H&K Line-up:
If you hop on over to the KWA website, you’ll notice the lack of H&K branded guns.
Umarex (the licensing company, which holds the worldwide license for Heckler & Koch) has severed its relationship to the Taiwanese based Airsoft company, KWA, and KWA is no longer manufacturing or distributing any of the guns previously modeled after H&K guns. Including the USP & USP variants, MK23 SOCOM, HK45, and the MP7 (arguably one of the best performing GBB SMG available).
Although the guns will no longer be produced, there is rumor that parts will still be available, or perhaps only until the reaming stock has been dried up.
So what if you just bought that brand new KWA and you need mags? Luckily Umarex will still be supplying those guns with mags!
If you’re worried about the disappearance of H&K GBB pistols and SMGs, you can sleep knowing that Vega Force Company (VFC) will now be supplying us with our HK fixes. Although not officially announced there is leaked footage of their new MP7 GBB in action (VFC MP7A1.3gp on YouTube).

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