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Celcius-DTW training weapon in Europe from S-T-T-S

Celcius-DTW training weapon in Europe from S-T-T-S:
Specialist Tactical Training Solutions have sent over details of the new Celcius-DTW training weapon:
Specialist Tactical Training Solutions (S-T-T-S) are extremely pleased to bring the Celcius-DTW Training Weapon to Europe.

A joint collaboration between Celcius and D&G, the manufacturer of the original DTW platform, the Celcius-DTW is an affordable step into Training Weapon ownership combined with the quality of several Celcius parts fitted as standard!! Based on the standard G&D DTW platform, The Celcius-DTW has several enhancements over the standard product to make the Celcius-DTW a true market leader.
Celcius DTW MX3R CQBCelcius DTW MX3R

Available in either an M4A1 or M4 CQB variation, the Celcius-DTW will fulfil any combat role. The Celcius-DTW weapons system comes as specified below, however the weapon also comes with several Celcius components as spare parts / upgrades included within the box:

Celcius DTW Specifications:

· D&G DTW ECU Fitted · D&G DTW MOSFET Unit · Non-aircraft grade Aluminium upper and Lower receiver (engraved) · Calibre: 6mm BB · Celcius 6.00mm Sniper Grade Reformation Barrel II (Stainless Steel) with unique Pressure Balancing System · Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS with an M110 Spring (fitted as standard) · Gear Box: G&D DTW Planetary Gearbox · Celcius CNC Processed Aluminium Outer Barrel · Motor: G&D DTW 495 Motor · Magazine: DTW 120 BB Magazine · Cylinder: DTW with Celcius Spring Installed · Celcius – High Carbon Steel Stock Cap fitted · G&D DTW ABS Piston · Celcius Military Grade Hand guard and Pistol Grip · Weapon Length: 607-900mm dependant on model · Barrel Length: 285mm or 385mm dependant on model · Weight: 3300g

Recommended Batteries:
                  300-400FPS – A LiPo 11.1v 1200mAh 20C battery
  450-500FPS – A LiPo 11.1v 2400mAh 20C battery

Celcius Upgrades Included:

· Additional Celcius Selectable ECU – A selectable ECU which allows 3 Round Burst & Fully Automatic fire modes in the same weapon. Please see the following You Tube Video for a demonstration:

· Additional Celcius DP-SYSTEM MOSFET board. · Additional Celcius Mil-Grade Polycarbonate Piston. · Additional Celcius Selector Switch Board (ELC-002)

S-T-T-S MDD Hop compatibility:

The Celcius-DTW is fully compatible with the S-T-T-S MDD Hop Unit – Version II and will allow the Hop in the weapon to be adjusted via the ejection port like a traditional AEG combined with offering outstanding range, with a guarantee that you will constantly hit a 3 feet x 3 feet target with a .25G BB at over 200 feet!* The MDD Hop unit however is NOT compatible with the Standard DTW platform due to several differences in barrel manufacture. * Subject to atmospheric conditions and the weapon being in fully serviced condition with excellent air seals

Available from any of our appointed re-sellers, please see our website www.celcius-ctw.com to find your local dealer or for more information.
(Specialist Tactical Training Solutions)

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