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Yosser: VTG – Versatile Grenade updates & extras

Yosser: VTG – Versatile Grenade updates & extras:
Yosser has some exciting news from VTG:
Not everyone’s at Shot Show and the UK’s innovative VTG has some important announcements too!
vtg logoVTG – Versatile Training Grenade has some important updates, extras, Special offers and new products!
a NEW impact grenade in the form of the BFGX-M203 adding an extra dimension to airsoft game play and looks good on your kit. Plus a special offer on 10mm Blanks with an adaptor that will fit your VTGs (or the original BFG’s) – giving players cheaper bangs for their pound! (UK only).
And .209 primer cartridges and adaptors for VTG’s as well – check the article for links to bulk order discounts for team orders!
Plus COMING SOON photolumicent casing on VTG’s – never loose a VTG again!
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