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Magpul Industries – SHOT Show 2013

Magpul Industries – SHOT Show 2013:
Magpul_VW_Bus_Magpul_Van_wagonMagpul Industries is one of the most recognized names in the firearm industry, especially for a company that doesn’t even sell guns. What Magpul does sell is a number of extremely well designed, affordable firearm parts and accessories. Every year, Magpul announces a number of new products, all of which are well designed and ideal for a specific purpose. This year, in addition to updates to the AR parts series, Magpul released their first MOE AK accessory, the MOE AK Grip.
Magpul_MOE_AK_GripThe MOE AK Grip is essentially a basic MOE type pistol grip designed to replace an original AK or clone grip. The larger size will fit many shooters better, and while the pictured model is smooth, the final production version will feature full texturing. Another grip that Magpul announced was the MOE K2 grip. Like the MOE K PDW grip, the K2 grip uses a steeper grip angle for improved comfort when shooting in a compressed stance. However, the K2 grip uses the familiar MOE size and width when compared to the very slim MOE K grip.
Magpul_USA_MOE_Fixed_Stock_MOE_K2_M4_GripAnother unexpected release was the arrival of the MOE Fixed Stock. Unlike the MOE Rifle Stock, which fits on a rifle buffer, the MOE Fixed Stock is designed to fit onto a standard carbine buffer tube, while providing fixed stock stability. The stock features integral QD sling mount sockets, but is also compatible with the ASAP for a receiver sling mount, if desired. Since the stock installs with no gunsmithing, it is an easy install for most shooters.
Magpul has also updated their sling offerings with the MS4, or Multi Mission Sling System 4. This retains the in-house constructed hardware and the wider, more robust material of the MS3, but changes the snap hook for a QD socket. The convertible plate has dual QD mounts so it can be reconfigured to single point use from either side. If QD sockets are your thing (like if you’ve been to a Vicker’s Carbine Class) then don’t miss out on using the MS4 with the Magpul RSA QD.
The XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Rail Panels were announced a while ago, but are finally shipping. The Magpul Hand Stop Kit includes two hand stop sizes, one taller and one shorter. These can be configured individually, front or rear, in any manner that suits the user. The XTM Enhanced Rail Covers feature aggressive texturing when compared to the originals; the same texturing is found on the hand stop panels.
Magpul also released their shotgun accessories for the Mossberg 500/590 series shotguns. This will allow Mossberg owners to equip their shotguns as desired. The MOE shotgun forend is compatible with all MOE accessories, include the light mount kit or scout light mount.
Finally, while most users are aware of the PMAG M3, Magpul also decided to update their .308 magazines into the new PMAG style. The PMAG LR M3 Magazines updates the 7.62×51 rifle magazines into the Gen3 or M3 PMAG. Available in 25, 20, and 10 round configurations, these are compatible with a number of AR10 or SR25 type rifles.

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