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KWA at SHOT Show 2013

KWA at SHOT Show 2013:
KWA is one of the biggest names in airsoft right now, and one of the leaders in developing airsoft guns as robust, realistic training tools. At the 2013 SHOT Show, KWA put the focus on the Professional Training series of pistols and rifles.
In the past few months, KWA has been racing to get the long awaited KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG to retailers’ shelves. They did make their Christmas deadline, but there are a number of other existing projects that are still in production. As KWA continues to release product, they’ll work on expanding their product line. At this show, KWA was demonstrating the newly released KRISS Vector, but they did have one new model to announce.
The KWA Sphinx SDP Compact pistol is part of a continued collaboration with KWA and the company that produces the KRISS. Since the KRISS and Sphinx are produced by the same organization, KWA was tasked with producing a realistic training platform for each model. Last year’s Vector will be accompanied by the upcoming KWA Sphinx. The real Sphinx is based on the CZ type design with the slide riding inside the rails on the frame. One of the most standout features of the Sphinx pistol is it’s adaptability to user design requirements. There are three main components: the Slide, the Upper Frame, and the Lower Frame. Each component can be built to any material specifications. Users needing a lightweight handgun can spec a polymer lower frame with an aluminum upper frame. Those needing a more durable pistol can move up to steel in the upper frame, and even lower frame, if desired.
KWA’s Sphinx SDP GBB pistol uses an aluminum slide and upper frame with the polymer lower frame. This makes for a gas blowback airsoft gun that feels almost exactly like the real one. The SA/DA design features an ambidextrous decocker, which will allow for safe carry, and will transition to single action after the first shot. The frame’s picatinny rail provides room for longer weapon lights, even though the handgun is not extremely long. An M3 or Surefire X300 will mount cleanly.
The grip features a rubberized overmold for imrpoved control and retention. While some regard the look as extreme, the Sphinx is one of the most robust handguns on the market. With a metal slide and frame, even the KWA Sphinx GBB is physically tough, combining KWA’s PTP performance with rugged design cues.
A real Sphinx SDP Handgun
A real Sphinx SDP Handgun
Although KWA did not have the rest of their upcoming lineup on display, they were able to confirm some things as regards to new releases.
  • The AKG series will be the next rifle in line. The gas blowback AK74 models will be released before the RM4
  • The RM4 is still on the way. Currently the DMR includes an MOE Rifle stock and a 20 inch barrel. The Scout has been modified to a 14.5 inch barrel with a midlength gas system and handguard.
  • The M1911A1 is one of the next pistols coming down the pipe.
  • The ATP Auto is also one of the top pistol projects for upcoming release
  • The M945 Compact and the MKV are queued for release after the other mentioned handgun models.
With any of KWA’s new airsoft guns, the exact or even estimated dates are not predicted. They’ll come when the factory finishes packing the boxes up, but until then all we can do is wait. Prices are also not set in stone, as they usually don’t set final pricing until the items have finished their initial production run. While you’re waiting, though, ask yourself this: When was the last time KWA released a product that had any chronic issues in the initial release? KWA does take their sweet ever loving time releasing new products, but the products they bring to market are brutally tested, revised, hashed, and refined. This means that, as soon as an item is released, the first models into users’ hands are high performance, reliable airsoft replicas. Whether it’s for training use or milsim purposes, KWA makes some of the best airsoft guns for any application, and you can own one. You just have to wait.

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