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AirsoftSystems – ASAR-15 AEG & ASSR Gaz

AirsoftSystems – ASAR-15 AEG & ASSR Gaz:
Une fois n’est pas coutume, une news en provenance d’Europe et en particulier de la jeune marque bulgare AirsoftSystems. Cette dernière – déjà connue pour ses mosfet ASCU de qualité – a de grandes ambitions pour 2013 en annonçant pas moins de deux répliques : un armalite équipé de l’ASCU baptisé ASAR-15, ainsi que le Airsoft Systems Sniper Rifle (ASSR) équipé d’un mécanisme à gaz. Plus d’informations prochainement !
AirsoftSystems ASAR-15 AEG
AirsoftSystems ASAR-15 AEG
AirsoftSystems ASCU
Dear Friends,

We wish you a Happy New Year!

We have been very, very busy during the past 2012 in setting up our new factory and developing new products, which is the reason that we did not had any time to update our web page. As most of you are aware we are starting to manufacture an innovative M4 type AEG which we called the ASAR-15 and is build around the ASCU technology. The project is on schedule and the much awaited ASAR-15 is going to be available later this year.

Very soon we will reveal our new Airsoft Systems Sniper Rifle (ASSR) which features a new gas system, designed for ultimate realism, accuracy and consistency.
The Hop-Up unit for the ASCU gen.2 is ready and before end of January we will start shipping to our distributors.

We have made also a Hop-Up Chamber for general use in M4 type of AEGs, which we can say is the best Hop-Up unit we have ever touched.
The ASCU for Gearbox ver.3 is in preparation for mass production and is going to be revealed in March on IWA 2013 in Germany.

Also stay tuned for the Airsoft Systems line of accessories. We will constantly bring new products during 2013, so stay tuned.
Via France-Airsoft

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