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When Tactical Is Practical: Guide to Tac Vests Pt. 2

When Tactical Is Practical: Guide to Tac Vests Pt. 2:
This is Part Two of a series on choosing a tactical vest. Want to review Part One?

What is your role on the field?

Indoor CQC Vest setup with Condor Modular Operator Plate CarrierMost players take on the role of a rifleman carrying an AEG of some kind as a primary weapon and a pistol as a secondary. However, if you carry a bolt action sniper rifle, high-powered semi-automatic marksman rifle, or a support weapon like an M249 or an M240, you may have some pretty specific requirements. The role of Sniper or Marksman favors concealment and mobility. Lightweight chest rigs like the condor RRV or even a pre-configured vest like the condor Recon chest rig paired with a hydration backpack offer a great lightweight low profile solution. For support weapons specialists, the number of items actually carried becomes minimal. Carrying around extra box magazines isn’t very practical so loose ammunition is ideal here. Your weapon system easily weighs two or three times as much as the average AEG, so carrying more weight isn’t an attractive option. You may consider some SVS body armor for protection, and wear something small like the condor OPS chest rig over it to give you some space for a few pistol magazines, a radio, and an ammo pouch. If you feel like you could use a little extra MOLLE a battle belt and an H-Harness just might do the trick.

Tactical Gear on a Budget

Pre-configured tactical vests are available starting at $33.00 for the Condor Chest Rig. MOLLE systems start at $25.00 for the Condor Modular Chest Panel without pouches. If there is a pre-configured vest that suits your needs, it’s certainly a little easier on the wallet. However, if you have multiple weapons systems, buying a single MOLLE vest and several sets of pouches to match each load out can be cheaper than buying a different vest for each weapon.
Condor produces a couple of more versatile options that bridge the gap between a full MOLLE vest and a tactical vest. The Condor Recon Chest Rig and the Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig both feature a number of built-in pouches, but also feature sections of MOLLE for customization. These can be good compromises in cost while maintaining future modularity.

Considering all of the factors mentioned above, here are a few staff recommendations:

Best of Both WorldsCondor Recon Chest Rig

This small lightweight chest panel is the best of both worlds. It has three double m4 magazine pouches, four pistol magazine pouches, and two small tool pouches stitched on, along with several rows of MOLLE webbing on either side of the pouches. This keeps it slim, light, and affordable, while still giving you a few options for MOLLE pouches.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Dual PlayUTG Tactical Vest Standard

This is your basic pre-configured vest. It has plenty of coverage for protection and it comes with four double M4 magazine pouches, three Pistol magazine pouches, a small radio pouch, a utility pouch, a pistol holster, a pistol belt, and has some MOLLE webbing on the back so you can integrate a hydration carrier. If you don’t carry a pistol or use a drop leg holster it also includes two more double M4 magazine pouches that can be swapped out for the holster. This vest can easily be used for indoor or outdoor play.

Best On a Budget: Condor Molle Hydration Vest

This lightweight MOLLE vest is similar in design to the UTG standard vest, but instead of stitched on pouches, it is covered with MOLLE webbing and has a built in hydration pouch on the back of the vest. If you like the UTG standard vest but don’t use an M4, this highly configurable vest would be a good choice at a reasonable price.

Best Outdoor PlayPantac M4 chest set

This pre-configured vest is ideal for someone using an M4 or M16 looking for a lightweight and simple load out. It is ideal for outdoor play. It comes with four M4 magazine pouches and four general purpose pouches for carrying extra ammo, a radio, or up to four more m4 magazines.

Best Lightweight Vest: Condor Chest Rig

This is as small and as light as a pre-configured tactical vest gets. It has three double M4 or AK magazine pouches and two general purpose ammo pouches. Lightweight, simple, and affordable.

Best Coverage: Condor Defender Plate Carrier

This is a heavier plate carrier and is ideal for CQB/Indoor play. Its certainly not small or light, but it offers maximum protective coverage, and the maximum amount of MOLLE you can find anywhere. It also easily adjusts to fit even the largest airsoft player.

Best for Hot Weather: Pantac Molle Recon Vest

This lightweight chest rig offers a fair amount of MOLLE webbing for attaching pouches without being as cumbersome as a plate carrier. It is a good choice for those that need to carry quite a few magazines but don’t want to do so at the expense of maneuverability. It has an open back so it breathes well, however this means you will need a standalone hydration carrier for long outdoor operations.

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