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Review: Smith Optics Elite AEGIS Arc Multicam

Review: Smith Optics Elite AEGIS Arc Multicam:

Eye protection in Airsoft is critical. Without it you’ll risk losing your valuable and vital eyesight. The worst accident that can happen in Airsoft is not breaking an arm or a tooth, but rather losing an eye due to inexistent or poor eye shields. So an eye shield should be your very second purchase, right after you bought yourself an Airsoft gun.

Of course just like buying an Airsoft gun, you’ll notice there’s huge selection of eye protection that will range from goggles, sunglasses, glasses, masks, to mesh goggles.

Now if let’s think about each one for a while:

Goggles tend to fog up on winter and can become rather hot and bulky for summer (except in a sandstorm where they are extremely useful), even if you buy a good pair of goggles, they will always be rather large and cumbersome.

Sunglasses will be useless in low light environments, so you might have to buy a pair of protection or safety glasses with clear lenses, making you spend twice the money.

Some masks have integrated eye shields, but they mainly serve for CQB, since they’ll be hot in the summer and will surely fog up on winter unless they have some ventilation system.

Then, there’s mesh goggles, which as the urban airsoft legend says could cause a BB to shatter and fragments will slice and dice your eyeballs as they can go through the holes of the mesh mask…  Well perhaps not as dramatic as that, but we’ve all seen BBs shattering on impact on some surfaces when fired at close range, so I personally wont risk on this kind of protection cause you just never know…

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