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Devgru Kit Build Part 1

Devgru Kit Build Part 1:
It’s a good time to be an Airsofter! With new movies, books, and the copious amounts of knock off kit and gear from China we are able to create endless amounts of guns, kits and scenarios!
With the new book No Easy Day and the movie Zero Dark 30, we are given insight and another perspective on the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden as well as the CIA’s efforts in his execution.blogairsoft1
I’m sure with the recent hype of Seal Team Six, games like Metal of Honor and newer books and movies, we will begin to see the Dev Group and Navy Seal kits rolling out!
We are going to kick our first blog off with a kit build!! Dev Group here we go!
No Easy Day
We need to start out with the combat uniform. We have purchased two uniforms recently. Both are replicas of the Crye Precision suits but each are made by different companies. TMC manufactures one while UFC manufactures the other. There are noticeable differences between the two especially in regards to the pattern, color scheme and stitching. When comparing the two we have found that the UFC version has a better quality fabric tone and pattern while the TMC has better stitching and fabric quality. Overall between the two products, I would hands down go with the UFC version. The UFC version is available at as well.
TMC GEN3 Comat Shirt
There often is the thought that different countries sizes don’t match up with American sizes due to them being made overseas. We found this to be untrue in this situation. Between myself, who is 5 foot 9 inches and my partner who is 6 foot even, we have found that the sizes are pretty close to American sizes. Both the TMC and UFC small, medium, large and extra large sizes seem match up to the sizes here in America.
As for the shirts that the two companies have to choose from, TMC only comes in Gen3 AORI Combat shirts while UFC has the Gen2 combat shirts. Based off my research, it seems that operators mostly wear the Gen2 verses the Gen3.
To create a more authentic look, we went ahead and washed both uniforms to breakdown the material to create some fading to make it look used.
TMC Washed 4
As you can see from the pictures, the uniform doesn’t look too bad. We have also added a reference picture with the real AORI made by Black Hawk Inc, the UFC and the TMC uniforms for comparison.
Well my friends, that is all for today. We will be posting something new every week about this kit build so stay tuned.
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Play safe, play responsible and most of all GO HARD!!!
This is K11 signing out!

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