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SureFire Shot Timer

SureFire Shot Timer:
No sooner had I got my new iPhone home than I had SureFire's free Shot Timer app downloading. As I'm getting into practical airsoft pistol (or Action Air as the governing body - IPSC - calls it) I wanted to have a way to time my draw and fire routines. Obviously you could do so the good old fashioned way by having a mate time you with a stop watch, but as I am practicing on my own I wanted something that would automatically time my scores without my having to activate it in any way.
The SureFire Shot Timer is a free app for the iPhone which uses the smart phones built-in microphone to listen out for shots fired and so records your shot times based on that. And that's about all it does, it's a very simple tool - but that's all I need at this point. So this is a good cheap way to start your Action Air practise.

I should mention that there are other similar apps available out there - including an official and very sophisticated 'Pro' one done by UPSC themselves. But you should make sure that the one you try is meant for airsoft (the IPSC one is made for center fire shooting really) and costs $9.99. The two free ones I have encountered are suitable for airsoft - those being the SureFire one and another called 'Free Shot Timer' by Innovative Applications.
I am testing both the free ones at the moment, but my initial look at them has favoured the Innovative Applications one simply because it gives you a shot total time, which is important for IPAS and Practical Pistol (the SureFire one just lists you times and you have to do some maths for a total).
All these apps are available from the Apps Store. Links to reviews here...
> Shot Timer by SureFire
> Free Shot Timer by Innovative Applications

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