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G&D DTW review from

G&D DTW review from
imageThe AA Store have sent over a review and several images of the G&D DTW they are stocking:
G&D DTW short review
  • 390-400 FPS out of the box with the blue cylindre (11.1V 1200mAh battery, Bioval 0.20g BBs)
  • 290-300 FPS with original Systema M90 cylindre  (11.1V 1200mAh battery, Bioval 0.20g BBs)
  • 490-500 FPS with original Systema M150 cylindre  (11.1V 1200mAh battery, Bioval 0.20g BBs)
  • Systema original 9.6V & 12V batteries do not fit into the stock
  • Small type plug in the stock tube, G&P 11.1V LiPo fits just fine
  • Five position retractable stock with slightly softened buttpad
  • Knight’s Armamaent on one and Marines markings on the other side
  • After emptying the magazine no BBs fall out oft he magwell (follower works)
  • Magazine fits just right into the magwell, no wobbling
  • Magazine is lighter than original Systema magazine
  • FCC/Rampo’s PMAGs fit perfectly
  • Original Systema magazine fits but holds very tight
  • Delta ring is less strong than original Systema but definitely strong enough
  • Any RIS or handguard fits without modifications (tested with Magpul PTS MOE)
  • Any Airsoft type stock fits without modifications (tested with Magpul PTS CTR)
  • Any Airsoft type flashhider can be mounted (tested with FCC SF 14mm-/CCW)
  • Negative: On full auto we noticed that the nozzle damaged some BBs (see picture)
Bottom line: One oft he top-5 releases of the year and definitely competition for standard AEGs and also Systema PTWs
Available now:
(AA Store)

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