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G&G Armament GK5C GL

G&G Armament GK5C GL:
Now here’s something to be thankful for, G&G Armament have announced the release of this sweet replica of the Swedish AK5C – the latest version of Sweden’s locally license-built, improved, variant of the Belgian FNC.

The GK5C joins its siblings in the GF85 series from G&G that replicate the Belgian FNC as well as the Swedish AK5 families of small arms.

GK5C GL Specifications

Material: Aluminum/Nylon/Fiber/Steel/Zinc/Plastic/Stainless

Overall Length: 903 mm

Weight: 4.086kg

Gear Box Bearing: 8mm ball bearing

Motor: 16000rpm Hi-torque Long axis

Inner Barrel Length: 357 mm

Standard Magazine: 330 Rounds

Muzzle Velocity: 90-100m/sec with 0.2gBB

G&G have also released a 6 minute video that gives a good overview of the key and noteworthy features and functions of the GK5C GL – just try to ignore the cheesy background music and heavy-accent of the narrator…  GK5C GL feature video

For more info and photos, visit the G&G website.

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