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Pre-order BTC Chimera from Airlab

Pre-order BTC Chimera from Airlab:
Airlab have sent over details of the BlackTalon Concepts Chimera:

Hi Arnie, The team behind the hugely popular AWS Stealth and Raptor MOSFETs have re-branded as BlackTalon Concepts and are continuing to drive airsoft technology forward with their most advanced MOSFET yet.
The BlackTalon Concepts Chimera is a hybrid of the Extreme-Fire Cheetah 2N and the AWS Raptor, providing a huge range of user-programmable features and power handling capabilities.

It provides highly advanced electronic fire control, extreme power handling and simple, drop-in installation.
The Chimera consists of two units: The main MOSFET computer board, and a trigger board. The main board houses most of the electronics; powerful solid-state switches, microprocessor, protection components etc. The trigger board houses the trigger switch, cut-off lever sensor and fire selector sensor, and replaces most of the stock trigger assembly.
This two-board design means that the Chimera can be made compatible with many different AEGs by simply replacing the trigger board and not the main unit. Expect to see versions of the Chimera for guns other than just the V2 and V3.
There is currently no solid release date scheduled, but the Chimera is expected to become available in a few weeks. Airlab are offering a special pre-order price of £84.99 to those who want to secure their Chimera early. Pre-order customers will be kept up to date with the latest information regarding the release date.
  • Replaces trigger mechanism
  • Extreme Power – Can handle power surges up to 9000W
  • Total Control – Over 20,000 fire select configurations
  • User friendly – Drop-in installation with no soldering required
  • Fits Version 2 Gearboxes – Version 3 model due to be released in a few months
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects or failure under normal use
Controller Features:
  • MOSFET switching
  • Dynamic braking
  • Burst fire modes
  • Burst-auto hybrid
  • Semi only mode
  • Adjustable precocking
  • Adjustable ROF
  • LiPo & LiFe monitoring
  • Supply Voltage 6.5 to 18 VDC – Up to 4-cell LiPos can be used.
  • Current Rating: 450 Amps (Peak) 60 Amps (Continuous) – Most AEGs don’t draw more than 15 Amps continuously.
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Revolutionary 2N Dual FET design
  • Less than 0.001 Ohm resistance
  • Extremely low idle current
Gearbox Improvements:
  • Prevents trigger jams
  • Reduces cycle jams
  • Extends life of gearbox
Circuit Protection:
  • Over current cutoff
  • Low voltage cutoff
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water resistant coating
Please note the picture is of a pre-production test unit. Actual appearance may differ slightly.
Worldwide shipping is available from Airlab.

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