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Airsoft VAL advanced

Airsoft VAL advanced:

Yesterday I featured a beautiful airsoft replica of the infamous Russian AS VAL special forces silenced 'rifle', well this morning I tracked this product down to a Russian online store and to my surprise it offered a wider range of these AEGs - all mouth wateringly desirable.
The site - Soviet Propaganda, a fantastic resource for Russian surplus gear - not only has the AS VAL replica but the classic wooden stocked VSS  Vintorez (see above) and a new design I haven't seen before called the SR-3M. This new AEG is even sexier than the AS VAL. What I love about this is that teh scilencer can be removed to give you a fantastic looking SMG (but this does mean that the inner barrel is a relatively short one)...
The advanced VAL - the SR-3M...

And, by removing the long scilencer, you have an amazing looking Russian SMG...

The bad news? This would be the price - the SR-3M will set you back $1,2500! But man, how cool is this SMG?
Link: Soviet Propaganda - Spetsnaz Airsoft Guns

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