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Sneak preview of upcoming King Arms rifles

Sneak preview of upcoming King Arms rifles:
King Arms have sent over some images of their new rifles in production:
Hello everyone! I hope you guys like the newest Kalashnikov Wood Pattern Air Cocking and AEG rifles and the other KA gadgets. I just got back from factory and there are some things I would like to share with you.

This is almost ready for production, the R93 Tactical 2. Here is some tech info:
CNC machined 6065 aluminum one piece barrel
6.03mm inner barrel (Marui style)
Steel flash hider
CNC machined 6065 aluminum rail mount
Aluminum receiver
Zinc Alloy moving bolt parts
Nylon Fiber one piece stock with all adjustable functions.
Rubber Stock End
Adjustable hop up system
Metal magazine with nylon fiber outer case

We did a little test and found that the power now is around 450fps with 0.2BB, using green gas. There will be CO2 magazine too and I am really looking forward to test it again.
Enjoy the pics!


And then we just received some other samples in our office for photo shooting, which means that you will be seeing these beauties coming out shortly.…

The Blaser R93 LRS1 Air Cocking Rifles in BK and DE




And then couple M4s


(King Arms)

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