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Ordering the Costa M&P9

Ordering the Costa M&P9:
ATEi shared some info about ordering the upcoming Costa M&P9. No details on specs or price yet.
Ordering of the Chris Costa M&P9 Pistols will be done initially by EMAIL. We think this will be the easiest and most fair way to go about this. How it will work is like this:

Our New website will go live with Pictures, Price and Full Description of both the Full Size and Pro Series Pistols.
THE DAY AFTER IT GOES LIVE At 12NOON EASTERN TIME (THE NEXT DAY)-If you would like to purchase a pistol you will need to Email us with your Full Name, Address and Telephone Number.
Our Web Site should be live September 20th 2012
No emails for orders will be accepted before September 21th 2012 12:00 noon Eastern time.
Any emailed orders received before this date and time will be deleted without notice.

Any emailed orders received without name, address and telephone number will be deleted without notice.

Time stamp for emails will be when I receive them on my end, not when you send it from your end.
When we have all the guns accounted for we will begin calling customers for payment and FFL information.
Limited to ONE per customer.

Please do not send more than one email.

Please do not call to see if “you got one”.

Please do not Facebook me asking if “you got one”.

Please do not be a clownshoed soupsandwich.

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