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How to Increase the FPS of Your Airsoft AEG for Free - KWA M4 CQR MOD2

How to Increase the FPS of Your Airsoft AEG for Free - KWA M4 CQR MOD2:

For anyone who's been following me here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog over the last several weeks, you've no doubt seen all the Airsoft action footage I've uploaded to the Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube Channel where either myself or my good friend, Trent F. Warren, were slaying tangos with the KWA M4 CQR MOD2 AEG.  This rifle is a great option for anyone who wants the high performance that KWA guns are known for, without having to go over budget to get one.  

The CQR MOD2 has been a great rifle, but I did notice that the FPS seemed a bit low for what it was rated for by the manufacturer.  FPS was a little more inconsistent that what I'd like to see in an AEG, so I decided to tear this thing down a bit and see about sealing up the hop-up assembly to see if that would help (it usually does). 

To do a proper evaluation of the results of your attempts to improve performance, it is essential to perform an accuracy and/or chrono test, whichever is applicable, prior to beginning your tuning procedures.  Luckily, I remembered to do this before I got started, which isn't always the case.  

Here are the chrono results before any improvements or upgrades were performed on the CQR, using Elite Force .20g BBs:
=/- average (standard deviation): 11.5 fps
Spread: 45 fps
Average FPS: 308.1

So, as you can see, it's a bit more inconsistent than I'd like.  

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