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Gunfire // 2012 photo contest

Gunfire // 2012 photo contest:

Time for another of Gunfire’s famous competitions. This time you’ll get to shoot your camera instead of your gun. So – a photo contest. It doesn’t have any lead theme, the only thing is that the photos need to show airsoft as a hobby.
It is very likely, that we will use the winning photos when preparing the Gunfire 2013 calendar – though that’s not sure yet :)
The photos don’t have to be made specially for the contest, they can be even your old photos made a year or two ago – it’s your free will and all up to you. But we do hope that the quality will be at least comparable to the prizes we have for you.
What are the prizes?
1st place: winner can choose one of replica, from list below:

- CM032 EBR (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152198582-Replika-karabinu-CM032-EBR.html)
- WEA001AEG – ASCU Upgraded (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152197711-Replika-karabinka-WEA001AEG-ASCU-Upgraded.html)
- LCK105 NV (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152197538-Replika-karabinu-szturmowego-LCK105-NV.html)
- GF46 RS (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152196644-Replika-karabinu-maszynowego-GF46-RS.html)
- CM052-S (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152196642-DropZone-Replika-karabinu-maszynowego-CM052-S.html)
2nd place: WE-G18C Gen. 3 (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152197657-Replika-pistoletu-WE-G18C-Gen-3.html)
3rd place: WE-057 (http://gunfire.pl/product-pol-1152196495-Replika-pistoletu-WE-057.html)
Audience Award – we will give you more details soon.
+ unlimited amount of special prizes awarded for a wide range of reasons.
Like each competition, this one also needs a short list of regulations.
1. The competition last from September 18th 2012 until October 14th 2012, 23:59 CET.

2. To participate in the contest, an e-mail must be sent to marketing@gfcgroup.pl titled „Gunfire’s Photo Contest” containing from one to three photos as attachments.

3. The minimum resolution of a photo is 10 Mpx.

4. If the original photos are too large to be sent via e-mail, they can be converted or re-sized – provided the e-mail will contain information on the original’s size and resolution, and that the original will be supplied upon demand.

5. The person sending the photos must be the owner of all legal rights (including copyright) to that particular photography.

6. All photos sent to the contest become property of Gunfire; the legal owner of the photography agrees on further processing and use of the photo by Gunfire.

7. Winners (places 1st – 3rd) will be subjectively chosen after October 14th by a special committee.

8. The Audience Award will also be granted, based on an open voting process taking place on Gunfire’s Facebook site.

9. The date the results will be posted shall be announced after October 14th.

10. Gunfire holds the right to exclude any photo from the competition without giving a reason.

11. Gunfire holds the right to change or alter the competition’s regulations.

12. Final interpretation of the regulations is that of Gunfire.
So much for the official part, now some advice and a short summary:
1. Point 6. refers mainly to the fact, that the photo may be used in the Gunfire 2013 calendar.

2. We remind you that the theme of the contest is airsoft – with all it’s pros and cons – so it is sure that photos showing airsoft players wearing eye protection or during activities more common to airosft than to regular military will be judged higher.

3. Photos showing real people will be preferred to those showing guns or gear.

4. PhotoShop is useful… as long as you know when to stop. That’s why, in most cases, strongly altered photos will have a smaller possibility of winning. We wish to reward the photographer,not the post-producer :)

5. Of course all accents linked with Gunfire will be welcomed, but again – don’t overdo it; we wouldn’t want it to be something that would spoil the composition or steal the show.


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