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New Hop system for CElcius CTW & Systema PTW weapons

New Hop system for CElcius CTW & Systema PTW weapons:
Specialist Tactical Training Solutions have sent over details of their latest new product:
Specialist Tactical Training Solutions (S-T-T-S), the UK and Eire distributor for the Celcius Weapons Platform are proud to announce that in conjunction with M.D.D. Developments, we are launching a new Hop system for the Celcius CTW and Systema PTW weapons platforms.
Our new Hop unit has been completely redesigned compared to the Hop chambers that are fitted in the current CTW and PTW. The new Hop unit will be both easier to set AND will improve consistent accuracy, an outline of which is as follows.
Our new Hop unit (Patent Pending) holds the hop adjuster steady in two places which not only improves consistency with regards to the BB trajectory but also improves the overall range.
This improvement is so good that we will GUARANTEE that when fitted to a  Celcius 6.00mm Reformation II Barrel, the standard Celcius Training Weapon barrel, you will be able to hit a torso sized target (2ft x 2ft) with a .25G BB at 60m before the BB’s start to spread*
Our new unit also allows for the Hop to be set through the ejection port cover using your finger instead of via the hex screw which you have to adjust via the magazine well which is standard on both the CTW and PTW Platforms. This new system is both more convenient and quicker to adjust as the Hop can be set without the need to keep removing the magazine.
Constructed entirely in the UK from CNC machine processes, the new Hop Kit will come complete with the following:
  • New Aluminium Hop Chamber
  • New Brass Hop Adjuster Ring
  • New Hop Adjuster Pins
  • New Barrel Key
  • New Stainless Steel Hop Adjuster
  • New Hop Roller Packing
  • New Pin for Roller Packing
  • New Chamber Packing
  • New Chamber Packing Base
  • Fitting Instructions

We expect the first batch to be ready for sale in late July and will have an RRP of £74.99 (subject to possible change).
It will be available exclusively in the UK from JD Airsoft in Cannock and Badger Tac in Oxfordshire,
We are also inviting trade applications from dealers in other Countries so please contact me directly info@s-t-t-s.co.uk for more information or see our website www.celcius-ctw.co.uk
*subject to your weapon being in good working order with good air seals in the cylinder.
(Specialist Tactical Training Solutions)

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