quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

New Echo1 RedStar CSR semi-auto sniper rifle

New Echo1 RedStar CSR semi-auto sniper rifle:
Echo1USA have sent over details of their new Echo1 RedStar CSR semi-automatic sniper rifle:
Introducing the new Echo1 RedStar CSR Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
Echo1USA is proud to present it’s latest addition to the RedStar line. The RedStar CSR is the perfect sniper platform for those who don’t settle for second best. This beast shoots over 500 fps right out of the box. It features a unique 4 gear mech box, where the special gear uses an infinite torque gear ratio reducing stress and wear and significantly increasing torque. The inner barrel is 6.04 ID and is 685mm in length. The
Read more http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/42775

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