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Magpul PTS PDR and AR-10 News Update

Magpul PTS PDR and AR-10 News Update:

While there was a lot of very cool product at the SHOT Show, one of the most talked about items was the Magpul PTS PDR. This is still one of the most anticipated airsoft products this year, so we talked to Magpul PTS to see if there was any updates or news regarding the PDR.
Magpul PTS is going through a bit of extra product revisions before they release the product. Unlike some companies that push a product out and then fix small issues later, Magpul PTS is working hard to release a refined, reliable product on the first release. Even with the extra development time, the Magpul PTS PDR is still on time for a scheduled release late this summer. This is great news for players that are rabidly anticipating the PDR, since it should be available soon.One question that often comes up to us (and to the Magpul PTS team) is about color options. Currently the PDR is only going to be available in black, since this matches the original Magpul design specs.

If you follow our SHOT Show coverage, you may have also seen the Iron Ridge Arms AR-10 replica from Magpul PTS at the 2011 SHOT Show. When that gun was first displayed, it was part of a complete AR lineup from Magpul PTS, including an AR15 Carbine, AR15 Midlength, and the AR-10, featuring Magpul PTS furniture and the Iron Ridge AR-10 markings. While there’s no new data out on it yet, I have heard that the 2013 SHOT Show will be very exciting for Magpul PTS.

One other interesting note is that, in 2011, Magpul PTS said that they intended to incorporate an empty magazine cut-off into their AR series rifles. I do not know if this is still in the plans for the AR15 and AR10 AEGs, but if it is, it will make them all the more valuable for training purposes.

If you’re wanting the Magpul PTS PDR, you probably don’t have much longer to wait. If the PTS AR-10 model piqued your curiosity, keep a weather eye out. We’ll be the first to let you know when any news comes out regarding a Magpul PTS .308 replica airsoft rifle.

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