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The Trijicon SRS™ (Seald Reflex Sight)

The Trijicon SRS™ (Seald Reflex Sight):
On this years IWA in Nuremberg we´ve got our hands on the new Trijicon SRS™ (Seald Reflex Sight).
The sight is dual powerd by Solar cell & AA battery. Trijicon moves away from the 123 battery because they say: For an Operator in a combat zone like Afghanistan, it is easier to find a AA battery as a 123 in every compound if he needs one. And they are right!
Optic Features:
  • No “Tube-Effect”
  • ACOG Ruggedness
  • 10 Brightness Settings, including 3 NVG Settings
  • Dual Power Sourses: Solar Cell & AA Battery
  • Parallax Free
  • Waterproof to 165 feet (50 meters)
  • Auto looking, Self Adjusting Lever Mount
  • 1,75 MOA Dot
  • No “Auto-Off” Feature

The Trijicon SRS is a highly engineered sealed reflex sight that eliminates the tube-effect typically associated with other sealed reflex-style sights. The modern design incorporates a 28mm aperture that allows easier target acquisition. Its 1.75 MOA dot is small enough for precision and bright enough for speed. The SRS features an innovative solar cell assisted by a single AA battery.
Get the Model Comparison Chart here and see our picture galley by use the follow link.

Trijicon SRS banner
Trijicon SRS details

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