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Madbull Troy Battle Axe Grip-CQB

Madbull Troy Battle Axe Grip-CQB:
Madbull have sent over details of their Troy Battle Axe Grip CQB:
Excellent ergonomics and the enduring strength of advanced, high grade polymer shape the new Troy Battle Ax Pistol Grip. This no-nonsense grip sets your hand close to the receiver and the fine tuned angling leads your arm and shoulder into a high-comfort, high-contour zone. In fact, the compact length assures you get a perfect grip every time. The Enhanced AX CQB features more aggressive scale pattern for a solid grip.
  • Perfect grip everytime
  • Unique "scale" texture provides comfort and a functional non slip surface
  • Durable polymer
  • Authentic Troy Industries Battle Axe Grip trademark
  • High Contour Zone
  • Comfortable
Package include:

  • Grip
  • Motor plate
  • Motor height screw
  • mounting hardware
More Info and Photo:

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