terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

ICS Reveal Their New M4 Logo Design

ICS Reveal Their New M4 Logo Design:

In case you might wonder when you buy ICS M4 AEGs in the following weeks and months and they have a different marking, here's the announcement from them about their new logo design last 25 May... "The brand new logo from ICS. The new design transforms the ICS characters into the chess symbol of the king to embody the meaning 'kingly demeanor'. It also uses the simple round shapre and geometry to symbolize 'global vision'.
'Kingly demeanor' and 'global vision' is our design meaning for the M4 brand new logo. They represent our product design and quality that is leading the top of the airsoft industry and great appreciation from world-wide marketing.
The new M4 logo is released today. Product form, quality, and performance remain as the original ICS M4."

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