quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

HK45 Now available

HK45 Now available:
HK45 Now available

Hey guys,

This month has been crazy for KWA. First the LM4, then the TT-33, and now the HK45! Those of you that have been waiting, here it is! Go check your local airsoft retailer for this awesome gun. The HK45 is the next step forward from the USP design and has many of the same features while including some new ergonomics and ambidextrous controls. The interchangeable back strap and the new style grip really makes this gun easy to hold and control, especially for people with smaller hands. The picatinny rail in the front allows for any stand weapon attachment, no more HK proprietary attachments or adapters! So if you are excited as I am, go get one, because I know I will.

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