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H&K G36C Competition from Umarex

H&K G36C Competition from Umarex:

The inexpensive Umarex version of the H&K G36C competition is here. Following is a photo review of my impressions.

The box is smaller this time, compared to the G36CV

In the box, the guns rest on a recycled paper board much like the egg cartoons instead of the usual styropor. Again this is due to cost reduction and I would admit this is also environment friendly.

It comes with the usual manual and a battery-charger combination. This is very advisable for beginners.

The left and right side view of the gun. Looking at it you wouldn't mistake that it is resin plastic not the sturdier ABS plastic. But once you pick it up the you would instantly know that it is not the same quality as the usual G36 out there.

The left and right marking on the receiver are excellent, well it should be considering this is a licensed trademark.

The magazine is standard G36 TM compatible.

The rear sight is fully adjustable.

Standard folding stock.

Adjustable hopup, no bolt stop though so you need two hands to adjust the hop.

Top rail carry handle is plastic. It doesn't have the metal reinforcement like the Umarex G36CV, again this is the cheaper version. So, I wouldn't recommend using the carry handle for actually carrying this gun.

The outer barrel, flashhider, barrel nut, and gas tube is all plastic.

But the one surprising thing, the three rails on the handguard is metal... I'm a little confused on this, they should have made the outer barrel metal instead of these rails.

Accuracy is a little bit mediocre. I tried it on a 9 meter range and the results are shown above. Though I couldn't test it outside, I can't say anything about the hop and the effective range of this gun.

Overall Impression

If you are one of those who collect airsoft guns, this one is not for you. The appearance is very plastic and it seems not durable. It would probably last a few games if you are going to skirmish it. But considering the very low price, I would highly recommend this for beginners because of the good package that comes with it. And this is even a licensed H&K gun.

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