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German GunWorks complete AKM project

German GunWorks complete AKM project:
German GunWorks have been modifying a GGW-1203:
A few weeks ago, GGW made an "Overhauling Sweep", together with the German Airsoftmagazine. Facebook users had posted pictures of their guns. After this, they have chosen one to make an overhauling. GGW wanted to show their capabilities in working over Airsoft guns, and thought, that the best way of advertising is to do something directly into the community – a priceless overhauling for a player, so that the gun is there, where it has to be… out in the field.
This job was done with the GGW-1203, which belongs to Thorsten, a German player. The GGW-1203 based upon the GHK AKM GBB rifle. After many hours of work, the result changed the rifle from a brand new Airsoft toy, to a heavy used real steel look. But take a look by your own – here are the pictures…
(German GunWorks)

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