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CQB Radio - Episode 31: Crosman Controversy

CQB Radio - Episode 31: Crosman Controversy: CQB Radio - Episode 31 is here.
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- Intro and Welcome
- Word on the Street: Airsoft ops in New England and beyond
- Assessment: Crosman CP01 CO2 pistol, Thunder-B grenades
- Tricks of the Trade: Infidel Airsoft Team from California
- Loadout: Matrix Knee and elbow pads, Matrix drop-leg panel, AIM Sports 4X32 scope, UTG QD bi-pod, Mag Grips AFG kit
- Just In: Eric tells us what's new to the airsoft market
- Closing


First up, the CP01 from Crosman.  E-mail me your thoughts on this gun - good for the airsoft community or not?  CQBRadio@gmail.com 

All boxed up

A look at the CP01 unboxed.

Everything you get with it.

Some 'training' resources.

Thunder-Bs - a great item for airsofters, just use them safely.


In TOTT we talked with Brian from the Infidel Airsoft team.  These guys are hard-core airsofters - check them out on Facebook and on YouTube.


First up, the Matrix knee and elbow pads.

Here's making the 'velcro sandwich' I was talking about on the show.

Here's what they look like on.

The Mag Grips AFG kit - GREAT item, glad to have it.

Unique and pretty smooth to use - the Matrix Drop-leg panel.  It's made to grab mag fast and get em' into your AEG.

Wearing it.

The AIM Sports 4X32 scope with fiber-optic sights - sweeeeet...

Last up, the UTG Harris-style QD bipod.

And just for kicks, the A&K MK46.  Enjoy.

That's all - keep on firin',

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