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ASG Dragunov SVD AEG sniper rifle

ASG Dragunov SVD AEG sniper rifle:
ActionSportGames have sent over details of the Dragunov SVD AEG sniper rifle:
Hi Guys, The Dragunov SVD AEG sniper rifle, licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD.


Modeled after the original Dragunov, introduced in 1963, known as the SVD (short for Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova "Dragunov Sniper Rifle"), this airsoft rifle features a very authetic look with real wood stock and front-guard as well as metal barrel, receiver and magazine.
The cheek-rest can be removed for better aiming while wearing a mask, and gives a more comfortable handling of the rifle. Semi-automatic only. Uses a custom gearbox.
Mounting rail on the side for a scope mount or for authenticity chose a functioning replica of the original scope for the Dragunov.
Includes battery, charger and High-cap magazine.
Very authentic look, feel and weight.
Adjustable Hop-Up.
Real wood stock and front-guard.
Removable cheek rest.
High-cap 120 BB magazine.
8.4 V 1200 mAh. NiMh battery included.
Charger included.
Extra magazine ref# 17186.

For pictures, specs and more see HERE

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