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2012 Shizuoka Hobby

2012,Shizuoka Hobby show come back again!

This year's hobby show in Shizuoka is not so many new items. But got impact well.
First I've checked new items at Marui web site,then saw something as "P90 new color","M92F new one","MP7 full set??"
The answer is all NO.My prospect was denied easily.

THe color is new OD for P90 & TAN for STYER.But those are reborn as HIGH CYCLE.

The barrel is detachable at body.YOu can put the silencer directly.Also Marui staff said this model is civilian P90.

STYER is TAN ver.

The cylinder is processed Teflon coat & Bush is oil less.The gear is Sintered,so got high durability.

I hope 90-Two but not,this one is M9A1.You seem what's the difference about M92F?
This M9A1 has under rail which is put metal as reinforcement to clamp rigidly , installed Decocking system & HOP UP system. SO guess barrel shape is different from M92FS(Fixed hop)

I asked them "Will M92F be discontinued?" They say "NO,we continue making it with NO HOP" Oh....

My prospect is just Full set of MP7,it's wrong.The answer is GAS BLOW BACK !
Oh I know UMAREX's & KSC's.But this latest one may surpass them.I saw that action was really fantastic action,
They said "can shoot 100 times per Mag"

All siza are traced real MP7 so rail is improved as Piccatiny.

They only sell long magazine.Short is no.

Micro Gear Box MP7 has 1 position of the retractable stock but real improved MP7 are 4 positions.
This BLOW BACK model is also used 4 positions.


The prototype

HK45 & M&P is lined up.

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