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New UMG outer barrel extension

New UMG outer barrel extension:
Todd has created a new UMG outer barrel extension which he is selling through his Shapeways shop The Plot Against The Giant:
Hi Arnie, One afternoon recently, I was trying to fit a 247mm tightbore to my G&G UMG.  Of course, it’s about 20mm to long for outer barrel.  I didn’t want to pay for the G&G proprietary silencer and I was having trouble finding the threaded outer barrel kit.  Both of them are rare, fairly pricey and add length and weight to what is–for me–mainly a CQB gun.  Enter the modern miracle of 3D printing.  I took some measurements, drew up a model, uploaded it to Shapeways and ordered one.  About a week later, it arrived.
Having received the prototype and fitted it, I thought I’d make it available for other UMG owners to buy.   You can order one from my Shapeways shop: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/plotting starting from less than 10USD (price is material dependent).  I’ve made them available in a range of materials and colours, but I’ve only fitted the Black Strong and Flexible version, myself. 
As I explain in the model description, buyers will probably have to do a little work fitting it.
It shouldn’t cause any problems if you later decide you want to use the suppressor, but I haven’t tried one, yet.  Also, I think it may well fit the DE UMG. 
Cheers, Todd (The Plot Against The Giant)

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