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Introducing German GunWorks

Introducing German GunWorks:
German GunWorks are a new company making high-end custom airsoft guns:
Dear Sirs, please let us introduce ourself – we are a German company named "German GunWorks" and we are specialised in high-end customizing of Airsoft guns. We started with our work this month and our projects depend on the individual wished of our customers. With support from the German Airsoftmagazin, we also have a strong partner for pictures and PR stuff – so now we are also able to show you, what our results are.
Our first project was the M1 Carbine from Marushin (GBB), which has been completely overhauled to an early type M1. We spend much work and many love into the details, and we hope we made a good job. Changing the Marushin M1 Carbine into an early version wasn`t so easy, because for an authentic replica, we had to use much of our knowledge in prepairing wood and steel. At all, the details changed can surely bee seen from M1 Carbine lovers and people which are experts for this rifle. The GGW-1201 now is the first Airsoft M1 Carbine, which is historical correct and not a mixture between later Korea War versions, which were never in use in WW2.
Website here:
(German GunWorks)

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