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DG SA58 drop in kit for CA SA58 series @TNK Guns

DG SA58 drop in kit for CA SA58 series @TNK Guns:
Daytona GBB have sent over details of the CA SA58 series drop in kit being stocked by TNK Guns:
Please check the website for update info.
DG Drop in kit for CA SA58 / O.S.W
imageModel: For Classic Army CA SA58 series
Internal Build Material: Steel, Aluminium and brass
Magazine: Uses AEG magazines
Shooting Modes: Semi and full-auto
Hop-up: Adjustable via set screw; above the chamber
Power Source : External
Use with standard AEG inner barrels with DG hopup rubber
When you pull the charging handle, the bolt can be locked, but it cannot be locked at the last round.
Pull the release button then the bolt can be released, same as Classic army original design.
Steel bolt blued anodize
This drop in kit with simple modifications, drilling the hopup hole at the top cover and also modify as below.
The selector need to modify as picture shown, the "A" position is SEMI, the position near the
trigger is full auto. The "1" position is ignored.
The pistol grip bottom plate need to drill 2 holes, 1 for locking the grip and other 1 to let the tube out.
Steel trigger group parts with aluminium trigger frame.
Easy and fast assembly / disassembly
Working pressure: 115-120psi
Round per second: 12-13rps
Power output: 1.3 to 1.4j with CA 0.2g BB
Inner barrel: CA 6.04mm high Precision inner barrel
Hopup: Adjustable hopup
Drop in kit price: US$399/set + paypal fee (free shipping in promotion period until 15-5-2012)
Stock: made-to-order, (delivery time within 4 weeks or less)
Payment: By paypal when the kit is ready to ship out.
(Daytona GBB)

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