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CQB Radio - Episode 30: Game On

CQB Radio - Episode 30: Game On: CQB Radio - Episode 30: Game On

This one's a beast of a show - over 2-hours of airsoft goodness.
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On a side-note, don't force your M9 into your Serpa if it doesn't fit.

In this show...
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on the Street: New England and Lion Claws Ops
- Assessment: MK46 by A&K from Evike, the KWA G36C from Pyramyd Air, and the DBOYS MK12, MOD0 from Airsplat
- Tricks of the Trade: Talking with Thumpy from Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft
- Loadout: UTG rubberized scope, Voodoo Tactical goggles, Bobster goggles...sorta
- Retailer Review: Andy from Elite Force
- Just In: Eric Talks about recent items to the airsoft world
- Closing

Check out www.airsofttrainingresource.blogspot.com - my new project with Evike. 

Hit up www.MaineAirsoft.org for all the ops happening up there.

Tiger's always doing great things in Vermont with GMSOG.

Also, Lion Claws games are coming to the East Coast - go!


First up, the MK46 from A&K - check it out at Evike here.

Here she is...still sleeping.

The beauty unleashed.

To pop off the barrel, push this lever.

The retractable stock.

Plenty of rail space.

Easy-to-access hop up and gear box.

Here's the box mag - just like the M249.

2 options - always on or sound-operated.

Next up, the KWA G36C - check it out HERE

All of the goodies it comes with.

Ready to go right out of the box.

Nice foldable stock.

Plenty of rail space up top.

Various apertures for the rear iron sight.

In the 2Gx version, the front handguard is smaller than in the first generation.

Pull back your charging handle to get to the hop-up.

Click the pic to check it out.

Last up, the DBOYS MK12, Mod0 SPR from Airsplat.

Cool barrel and front sight.

Cool front hand guard.


In TOTT we talk to Thumpy - click here to see his GREAT website.


First up, the UTG Rubberized scope.

Fully coated in rubber for safety and protection.  3-9 magnification.

And of course, fully adjustable.

Next up, some Voodoo Tactical goggles.

Foam lining for seal and comfort.

Dang he's good looking!

Last up, the Bobsters that I couldn't really review.  But here are a few pics anyhow.

Here's what was supposed to come with them.

The included molle pouch.


Here we talked with Andy from Elite Force - click HERE to see their site.

Eric covered Just In, and that's it.  What a beast of a show - the longest show yet, I believe.

- Carp

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