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SYSTEMA Releases 2012 PTW Details: Final Evolution Version

SYSTEMA Releases 2012 PTW Details: Final Evolution Version:
Wallace from ZShot has updated us with some news of the 2012 P.T.W from SYSTEMA.

SYSTEMA 2012 P.T.W Final Evolution VersionSYSTEMA has refined its Professional Training Weapon (P.T.W) to debut the polished performance 2012 Final Evolution Version. Some of the changes include:

The inner barrel has undergone some changes to the shape at the tip of the barrel, designed to not disturb the trajectory of the round as the compressed air ejects the BB from the barrel.

We added an improvement to the HOP adjuster, maintaining the accuracy of short range targets while increasing the flying distance for long range targets.

A new 7511 type motor boasts a newly designed Core Piece and Commutator for the 2012 model. Neodymium magnets with improved heat resistant performance have also been integrated. The bearing size has also increased. With those improvements, an even higher output and greater durability performance is ensured.

New Stainless Steel Cylinder Unit maintains its shape aiding stability and accuracy.

And finally, for the 2012 model, we incorporated the MAGPUL Company’s back-up rear site as well as the trigger guard in our Challenge Kit.


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