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New AEG being developed in Bulgaria

New AEG being developed in Bulgaria:

Gunfire have sent over some information about a new AEG being developed in Bulgaria:

New idea of AEGs construction from EU!

Manufacturer of the Airsoft Smart Control Unit (ASCU) – Airsoft Systems from Bulgaria is finalizing its project of AEG with a new mechanical and electronic solutions. Development of this product has been kept secret until now. We’ve just reached the first spy photos of the new technology. Will it be the first AEG completely developed in EU? The replica looks promising and we keep our fingers crossed it will bring a fresh air to the airsoft world


Just look at some of the technical specs:

- Completely new split gearbox, four times more stronger than ver. 2
- A new trigger mechanism for reproducing the mechanical sense and reset when shot and released, as real M4
- A new tappet plate provides improved feeding and better air sealing of nozzle with hop-up rubber.
- New electronics that fit entirely in the gearbox, and so the stock tube is completely free to put 1300 mAh battery.
- Changing the spring takes just seconds, without the necessity of another cylinder.
- When magazine is empty the gun stops shooting.
- Functional bolt catch – must be pressed after changing the magazine.
- Uses standard cheap magazines.
- Uses standard: motor, gears, springs, piston, cylinder head, cylinder,cylinder head and nozzle, which means vast availability of parts and cheap and upgrades.

Supposed Retail Europe: 400 -450 USD


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