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KWA CQR series MOD1

Beside the new EBB and GBB line, KWA now will also introduce a new budget line of AEGs, called CQR series. Two models will be available, the MOD1, a standard M4A1, and the MOD2, a CQB variant with an 11 inch barrel. At the IWA 2012 we had a closer look on the MOD1.
KWA CQR Series MOD1 markingsKWA CQR Series MOD1 right side
These guns will still feature KWA's 2GX gearboxes and the only differences to their full priced AEGs will be the plastic lower receiver and a weaker spring. With these springs the muzzle velocity will be around 330 to 340 fps, in contrast to the 390 fps of their non-CQR series, which is more suitable for indoor games. All other parts remain unchanged however, so the reliability is the same and it still can be used with LiPo batteries up to 11.1 volts.
Also the colour difference between the two receiver parts, that is visible in the pictures, will be correcetd in the final product. And most importantly the price will be $ 189.95.

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