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IWA 2012 & Outdoor Classics Day 2 Reports

IWA 2012 & Outdoor Classics Day 2 Reports:
by dom on March 10, 2012 | 0 comments

The idea of the replica (ASW388LM) came from ASG and of course they partered with VFC to provide extreme realism to a level where people couldn't tell them apart at this years Shot Show where the two were displayed side by side at the ASG booth. It's a shame ASW is not attending IWA. The ASG CEO told me that these beauties arrived to their warehouse in large numbers so the wait will be over soon.

Here is a quick walkthrough of the replica:
The magazine is in the correct position this required to design a new feeding mechanism. When the bolt is pulled back it removes the top BB of the magazine and at release the BB travels through a conveyor in order to get to the chamber.
Top rail angled to compensate bullet drop just like the real one, regardles this feature isn't necessary for airsoft guns
Stock has all the functions of the real firearm
A 3M film serves as carbon imitations which is a bit more than a simple sticker you put on your dashboard of VW Golf II GTI :)
The handguard is one piece aluminum under the carbon film
It will arrive in a plastic carry case containing a magazine and a VFC bipod.
Weighs 6kg, has 1.4J muzzle energy out of the box but full upgrades and other parts are already available.
Flash hider can be replaced or removed in order to fit aftermarket silencers.
As per ASG it will only come in Desert Tan color

More photos of the ASG/VFC ASW338LM airsoft sniper rifle here.

(UPDATE 18:20H GMT) I have this posted at Facebook this morning about the real steel and the airsoft Version of Kriss Vector side by side. Try to guess which one is which.

I would show the whole image but then it would bee too easy for the ones who know that the real ones at the IWA show are semi-auto only.

(UPDATE: 1823H GMT) I spotted NLAirsoft at the Real Sword Booth. Time for us to work on the Airsoft Meetup tomorrow.

(UPDATE: 1826H GMT) Back to the guessing game on the KWA and Real Steel KRISS Vector. YOU GUYS WERE ALL WRONG! :)

The one with the TDI fore-end grip is the real one and that's the one on the top. Only the airsoft version had the full auto marking at the IWA and the other has semi only that means no fire selector only safety switch at the back.

This comparison would be more confusing with the US version of the real Vector. That means no one won the grand prize, I can keep it to myself. Wahoo!!!

(UPDATE: 1902h GMT) Of course everyone has different ideas of upgrading but now let's take a look at the ASG way.

ASG's motor lineup and other info on parts/maintenance can be found on their website where their catalog can be downloaded in a PDF format.

The ASG Infinity motors are designed to last and every detail about them will suggest this fact.
Taiwan made motor with quality magnets which are secured with glue and an extra brace as well so the magnets will stay in place even after some abuse
The rotating internal part of the motor is shaped like a turbine and this will drive out carbon, grease or dirt. There is no buildup inside what can cause performance loss
Heavily glued wiring inside using two component glue so nothing gets loose over time.
Carbon brushes are 15% larger than other brands this means more energy can be transferred to the rotating shaft
High tension steel shafts were used to avoid bent shafts
20,000 rounds or double with the right maintenance

The Ultimate line got updated with a newer piston as well now this one is colored red instead of blue. The new one now has stronger material and it's one mm longer than the old one and this will change the angle of engagement positively. More photos of the ASG upgrade parts at the Facebook page.

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