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ASG B&T Silencer Suppressor
The ASG[1] booth at the IWA 2012 featured some interesting silencers from Brügger & Thomet (B&T)[2]. On the far right in the picture you can see the MP9 QD version, which features an additional rail to mount a light or laser. It is 205 mm long and is made out of aluminium and steel with a black anodized finish.
ASG B&T MP9 QD SuppressorASG B&T Rotex-III Suppressor quick detach & front end
The other ones are the Rotex-III rifle supressors, in compact (158 mm) and full size lenghts (225 mm). All of them are officially licensed by B&T and come with realistic markings, apart from the caliber declaration which says 6 mm. Just like the MP9 QD supressor, they have a quick detach mechanism. For that they also include a 14 mm counter-clockwise steel flash hider. The Rotex-III models will be available in Grey and Tan.

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