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Airsoft documentary needs your support

Airsoft documentary needs your support:
Basho is working on an airsoft documentary and needs your help:
Hey there. My name is Basho and I am making a high-class documentary about airsoft. I am contacting you today, because I need your help!
This is a being made by two professional filmmakers and committed to the positive side of airsoft. We have over 130 thousand views of our film productions on YouTube, a dedicated website ( and a crowdfunder page all set up and ready to go (with rewards for donations).
All we need is you to come take a look.
The Idea in 10 words:
Professionally produced airsoft documentary showing the positive side of airsoft.
Quote from our manifesto:
“There is an unseen sport revolution happening all across Britain. In quiet fields, unused warehouses, deserted military villages, snowy Welsh mountains and even empty shopping centres large groups of people seek each other out. Tired of the usual, more prosaic, sports they come looking for something different. Something that gets their heart beating, their lungs pumping like bellows and their natural competitive instincts taken for a thorough workout.
Dressed in military fatigues and with home-honed collections of sometimes startlingly expensive equipment, these people gather in their special places to shoot at each other with little white plastic balls.
They are playing airsoft, one of the quickest growing sports in the UK if not the world.”
…continue at
So, if you love airsoft, if you care about the positive message getting out there, or even if you just want to see some awesome footage, then come visit us at and donate to our documentary!
Kind regards (Basho)

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