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New website launched –

New website launched –

imageOleg wanted to tell everyone about their new shop fro the people at You can see them testing their helmets in this video. Here’s their press release:

Hello guys! We want show you our shop that will interested for guys who interested in USSR and Russia Modelling and Re-enactment this shop made by team of

We are working on airsoft market from 2008 and still at game. This is shop can offer to you Russian Special Forces headgear.

KGB, FSB and MVD helmets, covers, repair kits and cases. All about helmets and – much more.

Worldwide shipping, Paypal, sales coupon and so on. And now we want show you two new helmets. Altyn and K6-3.

Altyn most popular Soviet KGB and Russia FSB helmet, that you every time can see at Alpha and Vimpel fighters at any conflict.

We sell helmet with all functional radio headset that can be connected with any radio. And you can choice all option for this helmet at shop.


K6-3 newer helmet that made on Altyn base, still using at MVD and FSB units.


We try to use more and more original parts at our helmet and work on accessories for them.

Good luck and be safe! (

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