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Mechbox.com second gear guide poll

Mechbox.com second gear guide poll:
Mechbox.com want to know which air seal part you want them to check out in their first ever gear guide:Last week, Mechbox.com invited the world to vote on their Facebook poll to determine what type of part should be covered in the first-ever Mechbox.com Gear Guide. Air seal parts beat out electrical, gear train, and structural parts by a landslide!
Now, Mechbox.com is conducting the second round of polling to determine exactly what air seal part you want us to cover in our first-ever Gear Guide. Our Mechbox.com Gear Guides will be a completely objective look at the best manufacturers and models of parts in each category. Two winners will be determined, one in best performance (only performance metrics considered) and one in best value (performance metrics as well as price considered.)
We are conducting our poll on our Facebook page. Please vote in the poll by clicking this link, and don’t forget to Like Mechbox.com on Facebook while you’re there!
Stay tuned next week, where we will reach out to everyone again to determine what criteria you would like to see us include in our testing, as well as which brands of parts you would like to see tested.
Our poll will be up until Monday, 2/20/12, so head over to our Facebook page and vote today!
Mechbox.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mechboxcom-Airsoft-repair/294503829445
Gear Guide Poll #2 Page: https://www.facebook.com/questions/10150566664707945

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