domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

DeepFire AT4

DeepFire AT4:
DeepFire have sent over details of their new AT4:
DeepFire AT4
"DeepFire AT4 On Sale Now"


DeepFire AT4 is available in two versions:

DF-SW060 – AT4 (Airsoft Version)
DF-SW061 – AT4 (Dummy)

AT4: Anti-tank weapon ( Airsoft Version )


Specification: Overall length: 1020mm Weight: 6.7kg
Feed system: DeepFire unique launch system
Bore diameter: 84mm
Cartridge: bb shower / grenade launcher
Outer tube: reinforced smoothbore fiberglass
Sight: range indicator iron sights
Muzzle velocity: fps

You may either contact our distributors or email us for details.

DeepFire website:


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