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SYSTEMA reply concerning cheaper PTW copies

SYSTEMA reply concerning cheaper PTW copies:
Kumi at Systema has sent out a press release. You can read the full email after the break. The email highlights their concern with copies of Systema kit appearing and upgrades that are intended to fit their products.


There’s a lot there and the language barrier is apparent but the core of the communication is obvious. Included is a report from “Papa” highlighting the differences between their product and the copies available. There’s a heap of imagine included comparing the two units.

Dear SYSTEMA Major Dealers
These days, I often hear the rumor there are Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese-made PTW parts and copies on the market.
Since I have not yet seen actually item, I do not understand the performance and quality.
I often heard t that some of our major dealers were embarrassed by their offensive sales. (Smile)
I can get the information from here and there at last these days.
Until very recently, I have heard rumors which praised cheap PTW on the market; the quality of Chinese version has improved very much. However, these days, I often hear about its low quality and the operation which cannot be called "performance" . . . They purchased our repair parts and incorporated them by force; there are such items on the market.
However, I have not yet checked the actual condition yet.
Other day, from "PAPA" who is the chairman of the PTW owner’s club JAPAN, I got a following report and translated it into English. I hope it is helpful for you.

Report on FCC gear BOXassy.


Following is just my personal opinion. Since I looked at only this item, I am not sure whether I would have same opinion for all the FCC gear boxes.
My first impression is "light…” Total impression is "dull."
I looked at external appearance first and felt bereft. There is level difference on the gear BOX joint surface. Assuming that they cut off the square component, I do not know how they can produce such a thing.
Compared with precise exclusion of casting SYSTEMA gear BOX, I felt bereft at once.
What is the point of cutting?
Next, the screw which fixes the right and left of the gear BOX. The hexagon socket of the head is small.
SYSTEMA gear BOX is screw-locked to this screw, but with such a small hexagon sock, when loosening, the hexagonal wrench bends or the screw hole collapses certainly.
If I go to screw specialty stores, the hexagon size of FCC is the correct answer for this standard (screw portion) However, SYSTEMA intentionally makes it one size larger. If they did no try to understand this meaning and selected the hexagon screw size which can be obtained easily, I think they are disqualified to charge such an expensive price. When it is rotated, it rattles. I explain this later.
I disassembled. The gear looks good apparently. I advanced disassembly.
I found a scar like hollow in the gear case. Since there are no signs of base metal, I guess it is not the crack after processing. The crack (looks like a hollow) is also colored. . .
Is this really machined?
The case is fairly light. Although I did not measured, I think it is about 10% lighter than the SYSTEMA gear box as a single body. I do not know the reason why they tried weight saving for this. . .
Regarding each gear, I think the quality of the gear is not so good. The edge is not sharp. On the whole, structure is loose. I advanced disassembly further.
Regarding the bearing, there is a lot of burr and scuffing at the portion in which the bearing is inserted. It is metal scuffing. This will be removed after use and fall to the inside of gear BOX.
I think it is not good condition. By comparison, there is no such scuffing in the SYSTEMA gear BOX.
Next, while the planet gear and the sector gear is rotating in the free condition, it is caught by something and rotates with clicking sound.
Naturally, the SYSTMA gear BOX in the same condition rotates smoothly without any sound.
Regarding the surface treatment of each gear, there are so many fine grooves and cracks. Since it is basically a gear, if the gear portion is produced well and drive efficiency is good, it is not always good only to have smooth surface. However, if the finishing is too bad, people may doubt the quality of material, the processing machine and engineers’ ability.
The strong point of SYSTEMA, which produces the training weapon, is the gear of the electric guns. Therefore, they have special feeling for the gear. I think it is very impolite to just sample it lightly (maybe) and produce copies.
Even the amateur like me can tell it is not good job (not reasonable price at least?)
I assembled the FCC completed gear BOXassy to the FCC lower receiver; it is slanting completely. The left-hand side is a bit up, and the right-hand side is down. This is the direct influence of the level difference I mentioned above.
If possible, I would like to send one to SYSTEMA and ask them to investigate it. However, since the engineers of SYSTEMA are busy, they may not have time to investigate the others’ gear BOX in detail. So, I reported on my own.
Since I did not actually assemble it to TW to shoot, I do not know whether above comments have bad influences on the gun, spoil performance or cause problems unless I conduct long term test.
However, it is clear that SYSTEMA gear BOX and gear are superior to FCC custom-made gear BOX.

from PAPA


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