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New release: Lone Star Border patrol SWAT SBR

New release: Lone Star Border patrol SWAT SBR:

Evolution Airsofthave sent over details of their latest new release:

World Premiére: Evolution Airsoft proudly announces the release of the Official Licensed LONE STAR BORDER PATROL SWAT SBR.


Continuing the impressive sales success of the Lone Star Tactical licensed air soft guns, Evolution Airsoft adds one more exciting model to its professional grade Hardcore Series.

Built to meet the needs of the most demanding Mil-Sim players, the Lone Star Tactical series completely changes the price/quality ratio of the airsoft industry.

Sporting a rock solid LiPO ready gearbox, a special battery housing system that makes the positioning of wirings error proof, a like to the real anodized aluminum cnc machined R.I.S., a gun metal color anodized aluminum body, and countless other unique features, the newly released Evolution Airsoft gun is easy to use, rock solid and super realistic. These are just few of the amazing features of the Evolution Airsoft rifles.

Check them out at your favorite dealers!

For more information visit our website and download from the homepage the latest Lone Star Tactical series brochure.

Evolution Airsoft is expanding its worldwide dealers network, application for dealerships and distributorships at Special promotions for new comers for a limited time.

(Evolution Airsoft)

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