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ECHO1 at SHOT Show: mortars, GAT, PKM and more

ECHO1 at SHOT Show: mortars, GAT, PKM and more:

ECHO1 have a heap of new gear on show at their booth. There’s a lot to mention so I’ll do my best to cover the highlights for now pending a longer article.


IMG_2044On show was the latest prototype of the GAT-9 which is now looking pretty complete. There’s no word on if a mullet is included in the box yet.

It’s expected to clock in at around 300fps and this AEG pistol will need an external battery. There is room in the heat shroud area for a small mAh li-po battery.

IMG_2049There’s an airsoft mortar on show which functions much like a bottle rocket. This replica is made from plastic materials with a rubber tip and flip out fins. The design intention is that you can fire this over people which wil be great for milsim fans.

The “Hakkotsu” rifle was also hanging on the wall. The bullpup AK style weapon is a popular choice giving you the longer barrel in a compact design, rail mounts for your accessories and the simplicity of AK magazines.


Polar Star’s drop in gas drive gearbox replacement was also on show. You can really get a good idea of build quality of their CNC design. There’s a limited number of moving parts in their sealed unit, it’s well built and they stand by their warranty.


Kel Tec PMR-30 was on display as well as the Timer Wolf and Les Baer M1911 from Socom Gear.


The Robinson Armament XCR range, minigun, RedStar LMG and PKM were also on show.


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