quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Daytona GB Accused Of Breach of Contract

Daytona GB Accused Of Breach of Contract:
Stewie and the Evil Monkey by Ericp27 (Deviant Art)

This is getting messy, and winners will be the lawyers. As we have mentioned before, it's the customers who will lose out in the end. If you have been following this issue, it's up to you who is telling the truth or what. This is the reply of Ian of OPFORCE DG to the previous post we got from Daytona Gas Blowback announcing they are shutting down business due to non-payment by OPFORCE DG, this time accusing his supplier of Breach of Contract. Now, if this goes to the courts, the question is, where will it be held? Hong Kong or the USA?

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