segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012

AST WG TT 'Tokarev' CO2 pistol

AST WG TT 'Tokarev' CO2 pistol:

Still in search of a good Soviet/Russian design based airsoft pistol I was pleased to see this video preview for AST's CO2 'Tokarev'...

The Makarov maybe the ideal side-kick for a modern Russian loadout, but the TT is just so iconic how can you resist it?

The CO2 propultion interests me too - as I have had such negative experiences with gas filled - it appears to me to be a good compromise between gas and AEP and is supposed to be better suited to cold weather use. However, CO2 airsoft pistols don't seem to be so popular in the UK and many don't get as far as our retailers.

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